How to Tell if Your Wrecker Needs Coolant

All vehicles need coolant in order to keep their engines cool. Since wreckers have to pull other vehicles and have to work rather hard, however, they often need even more coolant than more traditional personal cars and trucks. It's critical to ensure that your wrecker gets the coolant that it needs. Otherwise, it could become overheated, and you might find that you need a wrecker yourself to pull it to a repair shop. Luckily, you can look out for these signs that your wrecker is in need of coolant.

There's a Strange Light On Your Dash

If you have noticed that a strange light has illuminated on your dash, then there's a chance that you could need coolant. If you don't recognise the light, you should check your wrecker's manual to find out what it means. In many cases, the light that indicates that your vehicle needs coolant looks a lot like a thermometer with a couple of water waves underneath it. If you see a light that is similar to this, it is critical to pour coolant in your wrecker before it overheats.

You Notice a Strange Burning Smell

When a vehicle overheats, it often begins to take on a strange burning smell. The smell doesn't usually smell like something that is burning usually does, however; it often has a bit of a "sweet" smell as well. As soon as you notice a strange smell like this, it's important to pull off of the road immediately so that you can add coolant to your vehicle. If it stays overheated for too long, then you could face serious damage to your engine.

There's Smoke Under Your Bonnet

Smoke should never come out from under your bonnet. If you do notice any smoke, then you shouldn't continue driving. Instead, you should pull off of the road to allow your wrecker to cool down, then you shouldn't drive it again until you add coolant. It's also generally a good idea to take your vehicle to a mechanic if you notice that smoke is coming from underneath your bonnet.

As someone who drives a wrecker, you obviously can't afford for your vehicle to be out of commission. Unfortunately, coolant-related problems can easily cause your wrecker to break down, and the repairs can be quite serious. If you notice any of these signs, make sure that you add coolant. You may also want to take your vehicle to a mechanic who uses Hino spare parts to have the problem assessed and repaired. Continue your online research to read more about spare parts.