Four Misconceptions About Your Transmission And Its Upkeep

For most people the automobile transmission is a confusing world that is better left to a professional mechanic. In fact, there are several misconceptions about your transmission that may actually be hurting your car instead of helping it. Before you overlook a possible issue or a maintenance appointment, consider these four misconceptions about your transmission and its upkeep.

Transmission Fluid

You may have the misconception that all transmission fluid is relatively the same. With that in mind, you may use whatever transmission fluid you can get. The truth is, manufacturers do have recommendations for the best fluid you should be using on your vehicle. Make sure that when you take your car in you know what type of fluid the transmission uses per the recommendations of the manufacturer.

If the mechanic wants to use a different type, insist on the manufacturer recommendations unless you know for a fact the alternative is better for your car due to the transmission age or other issues.

Pricing Estimates

You may believe that if you are having transmission issues, you can call the mechanic for a price estimate. You may also believe that the estimate is accurate. These "sight unseen" estimates are just a starting figure or average for the repair work that may need to be done. You should keep this in mind when you take the car in. The price can vary widely depending on the repair need. For example, a simple system flush will cost significantly less than having to rebuild or replace the entire transmission.

Manual Transmissions are Better

If you are going for a more fuel efficient car, you may believe the misconception that a manual transmission is better. According to a recent article on transmissions, a manual transmission was better several decades ago. However, automatic transmissions now manage the engine and fuel better than they did when they were first installed in vehicles. The truth is, it is completely up to you regarding which transmission to purchase and the choice will not affect your fuel efficiency.

New Parts are Required for Rebuilds

You may be told that in order to rebuild your transmission you need to have all new parts. This is a common misconception among many car owners. The truth to this misconception is that a skilled mechanic can use remanufactured and refurbished parts to rebuild the transmission and make repairs.

These are only four of the common misconceptions regarding your transmission. If you need transmission service or repair, the best thing to keep in mind is to use a mechanic with experience working on transmissions specifically. This will give you a solid starting point to have your transmission taken care of properly from the beginning. 

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