Fuel Considerations to Keep In Mind When Contemplating 4wd Hire

If you were looking to have an adventurous holiday with either family or friends, one of the best options you could consider would be a road trip across Australia. However, before driving around Australia, you need to be prepared for the different types of terrain you will encounter. Rugged terrain will not be suitable for a regular two-wheel drive vehicle. That is why it would be pertinent to opt for 4wd hire to make your road trip all the more convenient. If this is your first time renting a 4wd vehicle, here are a couple of fuel considerations that you would need to keep in mind.

Keep in mind the fuel choice for the 4wd

Generally, a rule of thumb when opting for 4wd hire is to select a diesel engine. If you will be driving in remote areas, you need to rest assured that you will be able to stretch your fuel. Additionally, you need to be able to access fuel easily, no matter where you are. Diesel engines are your best bet when opting for 4wd drive. For one, as long as you come across a petrol station, you can be assured that they will have diesel, as this is the most commonly used fuel across the board.

Secondly, diesel is known to perform better in terms of distance as well as rough terrain. Thus, you can rest assured that the 4wd will not need incessant refuelling, which would take away from the overall experience of your road trip. Therefore, diesel is not only convenient, but is also a cost effective option.

Keep in mind the fuel consumption of the 4wd

A common misconception newbie 4wd drivers may have is that all 4wd vehicles are designed the same. This could not be further from the truth though. Not only do they engage into four-wheel drive mode differently, but they also have varying degrees of fuel consumption. When window-shopping for your 4wd hire, be sure to enquire about the different rate of fuel consumption for the various cars.

It is best to opt for a vehicle with low fuel consumption, as this will work best in making the most of your diesel. Additionally, driving in remote areas typically means that gas stations will be few and far in between. Therefore, you would be best advised to opt for a vehicle that will be able to withstand being refuelled on a not-so-regular basis.

For more information, contact a local 4wd hire company.