Three Benefits That Commercial Window Tinting Provides to Your Car Hire Clients

As a car hire service, you may have a few exclusive and famous clients in your cars. When this happens, these clients want to ride in style and not have their ride mobbed by paparazzi or screaming fans. If you have not done so already, consider the following benefits of commercial window tinting and what it would provide to your star quality clients.


This is not only a benefit to clients that hire your car service, but also an excellent marketing point. You could get window tinting that is dark enough to occlude all views from the outside in, without blocking any of your client's sight out or your drivers' abilities to see and perform their job duties. In addition to coating all of the exterior windows, the privacy panel between the driver and the backseat of your cars can receive a commercial window tinting treatment as well. This provides your clients with the most privacy and anonymity they could possibly want.

Cooler and More Comfortable Travel

Specialty window tints can block out most of the hot sun in Australia's warmer months. Your cars will be automatically cooler and more comfortable to travel in, and your drivers will not have to use as much of the cars' air conditioning to keep your famous clients comfortable during transport. Some of the same commercial window tints also act as insulators, keeping heat in during the colder months.

Upscale, Sophisticated V.I.P. Transport

Famous V.I.P.s rely on travelling in style, and they expect car hires to look the part. Your cars cannot appear to be an everyday sort of black taxi as that shows a lack of respect for the accomplishments of your newsworthy clients. Commercial window tinting provides that upscale, sophisticated look your famous clients have come to expect.

Additional Benefits to Your Service, Just for You

Window tinting preserves the upholstery in your cars. It keeps leather upholstery from cracking and cloth upholstery from fading. The cars in your fleet will consistently maintain an almost-new appearance because the sun has not damaged the interiors and made them look like scraps from a metal recycling yard.

Where You Can Go to Have Commercial Window Tints Applied

Most body shops can provide window tinting service, but window and glass specialists can too. If you plan on having all of the windows on your fleet tinted all at once, be sure to plan ahead for a week or two where business is slow. That way you will not be out of work and out of cars for hire when important clients come to town.

For more information, contact a company like Instant Windscreens.