3 Things You Need To Do While Waiting For Roadside Assistance

Having your car breakdown is never a fun experience, as it will cause major delays for you and your schedule. When your car breaks down you should always call a professional roadside assistance service to come and help get you back up and running, or to tow the vehicle to a mechanics garage. While you wait for roadside service, here is a list of some of the things you need to do.

Pull Over To The Side Of The Road & Be Aware Of Traffic

Even though you car has broken down, there is still the threat of ongoing traffic around you at all times. Be conscious of your surroundings, and do everything in you power to avoid causing an accident. If you break down on the highway, then pull the car over on the shoulder, as close to the ditch as possible in order to stay out of the flow of traffic. This will also give any roadside assistance team the space to work on your vehicle away from busy roadways, so that you can get back on your way.

Use Hazard Lights To Let Other Drivers Know You've Broken Down

When you have finally stopped, it is important to turn on the hazard lights on your vehicle to alert other drivers of the situation. Hazard lights will flash on and off again to let other driver's on the road know that the car is not moving, so that they can proceed with caution. If a roadside assistance driver arrives and determines that the vehicle must be towed, make sure that they attached magnetic flashing lights to the car once it is hooked up to the tow truck. The magnetic flashing lights will alert other drivers when the tow truck driver applies the brakes or begins to slow down.

Stay Inside Your Vehicle & Wait For A Professional To Arrive

Do not roam around outside the vehicle while you wait for roadside assistance to arrive. This is distracting to other drivers still on the roads and can attract the attention of someone who may seek to take advantage of your situation. If somebody does stop to offer their help looking at your vehicle, you should always politely refuse and tell them you would rather wait for a professional to arrive. Roadside assistance crews, like About Auto Mechanics, typically have a mechanical background to allow them to diagnose the issue causing the breakdown.

Following the tips outlined above will allow you to stay safe while waiting for the roadside assistance to arrive.