Important points to note about boat trailer maintenance

Boat trailers are usually ignored when it comes to doing maintenance for boat owners, with most of the attention given to the boat itself. The trailer is, however, a vital part that should be given as much care as possible since it does the important job of carrying the boat from your home all the way into the water.

There are a few points to note in a bid to prevent the trailer from falling into disrepair. These highlight special care to be given as well as the suitable spare parts to use in this process.

The tires

The trailer carries heavy loads and therefore is equipped with tires that can withstand the weight of the boat as well as that of the trailer. It is very important that the owner has a spare tire or two that are of the same ilk as those employed on the trailer. Using car tires will not do since they are not equipped to handle all the weight.

It is also vital to always check the tires before, during and after the journey to and from the water body. The pressure and treads should be just right to ensure that the no danger is posed to the boat as well as other road users due to an accident resulting from a fault in the tires.

Wheel and bearings

The wheel and bearings therein are particularly in danger of being dysfunctional because they are constantly submerged under water to deliver or pick up the boat. The high salinity of the water can lead to corrosion of these parts if they are not taken good care of.

Having wheel caps to cover the hub prevents the water from penetrating and washing off the grease from the bearings and leaving them exposed to the dangerous effects of corrosion. It is important to have spare components for the trailer wheel hubs so that any failing pieces can be readily replaced to ensure a safe journey.

Trailer lights

The lights on a boat trailer are very important during the journey in the dark. They alert other road users that there is a trailer hitched to the back of your car. The tail lights on the trailer might get damaged when they are immersed in the water and, as such, it pays to always have spare lights that can be installed. Better yet, replacing the tail lights with sealed LEDs ensures that they are not breached by the water.

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