Various Campervan Options When Considering Minibus Hire

Campervans refer to vehicles that are similar to motor homes but tend to be smaller. They typically work toward providing minimal accommodation while on a road trip. Unlike motorhomes that are incorporated onto bus chassis, these are built atop a mini bus or slightly larger car chassis. If you were looking to have a flexible travel option that does not require you to keep checking into hotels, campervans would be a great fit for you. Here are some of the different types of campervans options when considering minibus hire for your road trip.

Conversion van minibus hire

These types of campervans tend to be adapted from mini buses. Their most prominent feature is their roof, which is what deems them as conversion vans. There are a few types of the campervans that you can consider in this type. The first are the fixed roof option. These tend to have a lower height when compared to other types of conversion vans, hence making them suitable for people who foresee they will have to make their way through numerous overhead structures. However, if you own this type of campervan, you have the option of elevating the design of the roof if you would like to alter your van. It should be noted that this type of campervan tends to be the most cramped, as it barely has any standing room. Additionally you can only have a maximum of two berths, as there is not sufficient space. The second type of conversion van you can consider are the elevating roof campervans. Although they appear similar to their fixed roof counterparts, these will offer you additional space, as the elevated roof can be converted into an additional berth. This makes it great for traveller who would require additional sleeping room for kids as the extra space is ideal for a small bunk.

Coach built minibus hire

These types of campervans are incorporated onto a commercial chassis. They tend to be larger than their conversion vans counterparts but are still smaller than conventional motorhome. One of the coach built vans you could consider is the overcab campervan. These have additional sleeping space in the form of an extended cab on top of the driver area. They also tend to be fitted with amenities such as a washroom. The second alternative you can consider are the low profile minibus van hire. These also come with an extended cab over the driver area but it is smaller than in the overcab campervan. As such, this space it typically better used for storage rather than as sleeping quarters.