Car Care: Critical Tyre Maintenance Tips

Your tyres are one of the most important parts of your car, and having them in excellent condition shouldn't be up for debate. Since they link the road to your car, any poor conditions could be extremely dangerous and lead to a fatal accident when the tyres don't work correctly. So you need to ensure that your tyres are always well taken care of. Besides, driving using non-roadworthy tyres is also illegal. So before you drive off especially in long distance journeys, ensure you've got couple of things sorted out.

Tyre Pressure

The wheels need to have enough pressure, and this is one of the most critical things. It's simple: the pressure prevents the tire from getting damaged, and this ensures that the car doesn't spin out of control. Additionally, lesser pressure in the tyres will use up a lot more fuel, because the car would need more horsepower to move the same distances. Use your owner's manual to determine the best pressure for your vehicle.

And don't over-inflate it. Just because under-inflating it uses up more fuel doesn't mean over-inflating it would use less. In fact, doing so can cause damage to the tyres.

Tread Depth

Treads are what give your wheels a grip on the road. When moving, the treads get rid of water that was to remain between the tyre and road, and that consequently increases friction. That's what prevents aquaplaning where layers of water build all around the wheels and reduce traction. So check your treads particularly if you do a lot of driving in uneven surfaces, or drive at high speeds while braking hard. The tread level indicator is a good way of checking if your tyres need replacing. Replace them if they are at par.

Wheel Alignment

The other important thing is the alignment of your wheels. It mainly involves that part of the car system that connects the two wheels together. The tyres can have different angles, and this greatly affects the level of contact they make with the surface.

So how do you tell you need to take your vehicle for alignment? It's simple. Your tyres may be experiencing uneven wearing on the treads, or your vehicle may keep pulling to either side when driving. That should indicate that there's a problem with your alignment.

In some cars, you may experience a vibrating steering wheel or you may notice that it is off-centre when you're driving straight. All these indicate poor alignment, and it's best to fix them immediately.

Contact a mechanic if you need help with Subaru parts like tyres.