Four Misconceptions About Your Transmission And Its Upkeep

For most people the automobile transmission is a confusing world that is better left to a professional mechanic. In fact, there are several misconceptions about your transmission that may actually be hurting your car instead of helping it. Before you overlook a possible issue or a maintenance appointment, consider these four misconceptions about your transmission and its upkeep. Transmission Fluid You may have the misconception that all transmission fluid is relatively the same.

Four 4x4 Accessories That Could Save Your Behind In The Outback

Australia's outback begs to be explored. There is no better or safer way to do so than by using a 4x4. These four accessories make these rigs even safer and can get you out of tough spots when you're out in the middle of almost nowhere. Bull Bars Bull bars, sometimes called "roo" bars, are heavy duty steel or aluminium frames that fit over the front end of vehicles, including 4x4s.

Hop, Skip And Thump: How To Avoid A Close Encounter With A Kangaroo

Australians who live in the bush are used to narrow, poorly-paved roads and regular encounters with wildlife. They develop a range of driving skills that aren't needed in the city. If you are taking a car which has no bull bar protection into the bush, you should be especially careful. They may be a much-loved icon, but kangaroos cause numerous road accidents and fatalities. In 2009, they were responsible for 60% of fatal accidents involving an animal in New South Wales.

3 Things You Need To Do While Waiting For Roadside Assistance

Having your car breakdown is never a fun experience, as it will cause major delays for you and your schedule. When your car breaks down you should always call a professional roadside assistance service to come and help get you back up and running, or to tow the vehicle to a mechanics garage. While you wait for roadside service, here is a list of some of the things you need to do.

Top 3 Benefits Of Having A Car Service Plan

To ensure that your car performs well, it is imperative that you take it in for regular service. One effective way of saving money on car servicing is by having a car service plan. This plan covers all your vehicle's future servicing needs. Your car's manufacturer normally specifies the specific car parts to be covered under the plan. The plan can run either for a specific period or according to a specific distance (in kilometres).

10 questions you need to ask when renting a car

When looking to rent a car it is easy to get pulled in by attractive headline rates, but there are often hidden costs that can result in a much bigger bill than you are expecting, if you do not ask the correct questions upfront.  Be sure you have investigated these 10 points before you sign the rental agreement! 1. What is the insurance excess? All rental cars will have basic insurance, but the level of excess (i.

3 Things You Should Do When Looking At A Vehicle To Purchase

While you might be excited at the idea of driving home in a new vehicle, or at least something newer than what you have, you are going to need to remember that not everything is the best deal in the world. Make sure that you are checking out the following three things that you should do before you sign the purchase agreement. Ask For The Vehicle History Report You do not want to make the mistake of assuming that just because the vehicle looks and drives fine, that it is.

Three Benefits That Commercial Window Tinting Provides to Your Car Hire Clients

As a car hire service, you may have a few exclusive and famous clients in your cars. When this happens, these clients want to ride in style and not have their ride mobbed by paparazzi or screaming fans. If you have not done so already, consider the following benefits of commercial window tinting and what it would provide to your star quality clients. Privacy/Anonymity This is not only a benefit to clients that hire your car service, but also an excellent marketing point.

3 Ways To Make Your Vehicle Repair A Little More Affordable

Vehicle repairs tend to happen at the worst moments. Whether you are super busy or out of money, your vehicle will break down whenever it wants. Therefore, you might find yourself in the position of looking for ways to make the cost of the repairs a little more affordable. To help you with that, you might want to take a moment to look over the following three tips. Check A Wrecking Company For Parts

How to Tell if Your Wrecker Needs Coolant

All vehicles need coolant in order to keep their engines cool. Since wreckers have to pull other vehicles and have to work rather hard, however, they often need even more coolant than more traditional personal cars and trucks. It's critical to ensure that your wrecker gets the coolant that it needs. Otherwise, it could become overheated, and you might find that you need a wrecker yourself to pull it to a repair shop.